Data Analysis is dRofus plus Excel

Granted, dRofus and excel are great on their own, but in combination they are awesome. I have found several ways of using dRofus data to learn how our users are using dRofus. Since you can build custom excel reports you can set up pivot tables and graphs in advance for analysis. I have done this for BIM managers so they can run a report on room data to know when rooms were last synced with which models using groups in the configuration settings. I look forward to the day we can create custom excel log reports to show changes using graphs to our project managers. I find myself showing how dRofus can export to excel has turned into teaching how to really leverage the power of excel. If you know excel and don’t know pivot tables…you are missing out. It’s like driving a sports car in first gear. If you are interested in building more advanced custom excel exports with nested formulas, you must bookmark this site and share with your architect friends.