Discover -> Share -> Document -> Repeat

I am a process guy. I love helping to improve workflow. I am also an ideas person. I might not know all the answers, but sometimes I get the concept or initial idea right. That is one of the reason why I love hackathons, like the one coming up in SoCal, London in July and three months in Seattle. You get to take ideas and test them really quickly. I have also learned, recently working with software developers, feedback is more valuable than you would think. They try something, find out it if works (or if you like it) and then implement it. The feedback loop cost time and money, so the quicker the response, the quicker to market. 

You can also see how the world works with this concept at a higher level. I think of how I use Twitter. I follow the people I would like to have a drink with (coffee or otherwise). If they share something I want others to hear…I re-share it. Sometimes I have something to share and hope that others will share it. I have found that twitter is my filter to discovery. I have a sea of people looking and finding…for me in a way. I don’t have to follow and read every blog post or new article. If I tried, that is all I would be doing. Instead, I follow those who follow. I also follow some of those who write. In many ways I am (when on twitter) in a room of like minded people – an incubator of idea sharing. People who share are my kinda people. When you combine twitter – call it discovery – with blogs (like my little site) you start to expand upon the 140 character limit on twitter to a larger perspective. That is also why I love sharing videos, still not sure if I will leave YouTube and fully go to Vimeo…or something else. [YouTubes/Googles latest efforts to deliver VR might swing me back] But when words are not enough, video is great! The blogs and videos are great for sharing and documenting all at once. So, when you put it all together. Discover via a tweet or post – share with others via retweet or post – document via post or video – then re-share it. The cycle never ends.

And sometimes is just cool stuff on the line