Magic Pens and Video Chats

Mind blown!

I don’t typically say that about technology unless I really don’t have anything else to explain why I have been so impressed. Two technologies have made the list this year. The first is analog and the second is cutting edge digital.

Have you seen the Pilot FriXion ink pens? Courtney broke one out this week I just about lost it. I said to her, “no freakin way!” I looked them up online and they are called FriXion…as in Yes FreaXion Way. Check them out!

The second thing to impress me this year…so far…was been the video chat app I have been using it ccasually with people I want to chat with one one one. It includes screen sharing as well. Very fast, very clear, very easy to use. Take a peak into our private chat room (we might lock you out if we happen to be using it…a nice feature). Thank you ├ůsmund for sharing this one with me! Go Norway on leading the tech world once again!

A few bonus tech to share…I learned for a great online music alternative to Pandora called Jango must been better because it as a millennial that told me about it. And finally a really great app to keep your family in sync with each other, check out Life360 – thank you Julie for sharing that one.

If see other cool technology (analog or digital) let me know. Checkout the AWE this month if you are in the bay area if you are interested in the latest in AR/VR. I am still on the fence on going this year, but I have gone in the past and it as awesome. Thank you Cesar for introducing me to AWE.