VRHackathon Day 2

So this morning was a slow start after a full day of hacking yesturday. I am hoping to pull it all together this morning. I got to meet a few people from Galvanize last night and got to show them the progress and they really liked what we were able to pull off so far and are looking to work with me to pull together a few more ideas. Venue Layout Options was one great ideas that came out from our quick chat. I had already thought of it, but it was more of a reassurance that they were thinking of it without needing to suggest it. 


I want to do a few more things before I present after lunch. I want to update materials, create some layout options from the same point of view and build a quick presentation prezi to show.


I have the materials mapped and just working on some lighting (which we all know is soooo easy in Revit). Going to re-render, convert to stereo and setup a site. Then move to layout options and finally pull together a quick demo/presentation (maybe video).


Renderings are being converted to stereo now and I am updating the VR Venue Review page.


Just waiting on the judges now to take a look at my final efforts.