I ❤️ Hackathons! I really wish I had taken more classes on writing code when I was in school, except for some HTML and a little VRML…and now most recently a little XSL and XML. My first hack event was the AEC Hackathon at Facebook’s campus shortly after I moved to SF and it blew me away. My personal idea was not picked up to hack that weekend, but that was okay…I still had a good time. Here are a few videos from what was hacked that weekend.


This weekend is the VR Hackathon, Virtual Reality. It takes me back to my Iowa State days when I first learned Form Z and created a VRML Stereolithograph of a staircase….it was so cool! If I had a working Zip drive I could show you with a set of special glasses. I am expecting to see, touch and experience the latest tech and hack ideas with innovative locals. It’s social and fun. 

I don’t think I will be writing any code, but I do have a few ideas and I will be bringing my ibeacon developer kit. 

So what are my ideas…

VR Browsing – I love the idea of web surfing and sifting through the web in full 365 full immersion. Click, shop and try on virtual clothes and shoes. Watch 3D videos online and catch a live sporting through someone else’s eyes. Have you read Locked In?

VR Pets – I think it would be great to visit your pets when you travel. If you scan your whole home, that becomes fixed….everything else that is moving could be what you see via a web portal, sit on your couch and talk with your pet linking you to speakers in your home with a sensor on your pets collar. 

VR Schools – Lets take an online education to the next level, true immersion in real classes with real students. Students put on special glasses to see the virtual students and the remote students sit in a full 3D replica of the lecture hall, combine resources across countries to get the sharpest minds together.

Just a few ideas, I plan to share them all Friday night. Sign up here to join us http://vrhackathon.com/san-francisco.html