AWE Day 2

Today we started in the big room with main stage keynotes. In general I was hoping for some inspiration and awe, what was presented reminded me more of a product LAUNCH presentation. One after the other, elevator sales pitch presentations. I did learn that HP has their own AR platform called Aurasma using Aurasma Studio. RJ Holmberg shared a bit.

Kayvan Mizra from Optinvent talked about their eyeware glasses they are shipping made of molded plastic ORA-1 for Enterprise use and touched on the social acceptance is the big barrier and are addressing that soon with their ORA-x. It looks more like headphones with a drop down eye lense on one side. 

Catchoom shared what they have been focused on, image recognition and making it available offline with their new craftar SDK.

I really like the ideas behind Scope AR – David N….. and Remote AR where you send video from expert to technician as a virtual support effort, like having someone looking over your shoulder. They have incorporated their technology into enterprise eyewear.

ODG Pete Jameson R7 smart glasses were very impressive, in short they are everything your smart phone is but in the form of glasses. I tried them out on the exhibit floor, there must be some intense processing going on cause they got hot to touch along the top.

Teri Aaltonen from Augumenta shared their virtual keyboard using nothing but hand gestures. They published a SDK last year and have a new SDK with several updates.

Zappar is one of many who are the business of content AR creation tools, but they seemed much cooler, maybe it was the accent and the fun game examples.

Pete Augmate shared a big challenge in deployment with what they called Glass at Work and offered a solution called WE (Manage) – Wearable Evironment. They intend to solve the implementation challenge with an integrated system. If I was looking for a solution, I would check them out.

Third Space Agency (Founder of Second Life) is working on emersive locations for artist.

I really enjoyed learning about the Bjork film MOMA instillation – check out YouTube called “Black Lake”. Brian Pene from Autodesk shared how some of their tools were used in the project including Autodesk Memento Beta. 

Xrez Capture 

Object Based Audio BarcoT and Twobig_ears Chris Pike from BBC R&D shared how the audio integrated with the full AR video experiance. Each of the 30 string recordings were placed in 3D space so you can explore the arrangements as you walked through the installation.

I went to a Smart Glasses Introduction where Astray and Shatter isle shared some insight. 

Future of play is physical with the digital was the big point from Haptics where they are linkinking AR technology with Nerf games. Laser tag people and virtual zombies. 


John Shulters from Treehouse Designer ascension uses photogrammetry to capture reality to help designers make professional tree house design accurate.

Index AR Solutions shared how they are providing AR solution for complex  Newport News Ship Building projects.

Then I hit the Exhibit Floor.

Check out these session from the Demo Day on YouTube