AWE Day 3

The AR heads up display UI designers had to have been inspired by the presentation by Jayse Hansen showing how he designed the HUD for Iron Man and Big Hero.

Helen Papagiannis plugs her book, not much was said.

Ralph Osterhout ODG R-7 and R-8 – 15 degrees of focus – suggest combine AR with VR. Why don’t we let technology control us, why not force technology to work for us? Good question Ralph, now can I get your technology for cheap?

Jon Cabiria said 1 in 3k startups survive after 5 years. Autopsyio – 

Johnny Lee – project lead Project Tango – Motion Tracking, Area Learning, and Depth Preception. I might just have to get a Project Tango device to explore at the next AEC Hackathon. 

AR vs VR Debate was awesome! 

Check out the Inspire Session on YouTube